Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires by bus

Argentina is a very big country and air travel can be ridiculously expensive, crippling backpacker plans. Rail networks do not connect major routes and is currently trying to be revived by the government. This leaves road transport as the last resort.

If you plan to go to Buenos Aires from Puerto Iguazu, the two stations are around 840 miles (1350 km) away from each other. It was depressing to take the bus especially since we would be on the road for about 16 hrs which would otherwise be spent at fun bars and nightclubs of Buenos Aires!

We didn’t reserve tickets online, instead we headed straight to the Puerto Iguazu bus station and shopped around for tickets. The station is lined with counters of all the transport companies and the kind lady at the Via Bariloche counter offered us a discounted price of R$800 per person for a Full Cama ,which is a complete sleeper and the seat stretches out to be completely flat. The other options are Cama Ejecutiva which doesn’t recline completely but is still quite comfortable and Coche Cama where the seats don’t significantly recline and is not recommended for long distances

The bus arrived about 30 minutes late but the interior was a pleasant surprise and more than made up for the delay.

Via Bariloche Bus from Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires

The seats looked big and comfortable and there were individual entertainment consoles for each seat. They had 3-4 movies to choose from and a few tv shows as well. This certainly helped a great deal to prevent long term boredom.

Interiors of Via Bariloche - Argentina

Interiors of Via Bariloche – Argentina

Carry some snacks as Argentines eat late and food in the bus is usually served at 10:00 pm. The food was good with some warm meat, salad, bread and dessert etc. What was amazing was that they serve wine and beer during dinner, it felt like we were on a flight more than a bus. Post dinner you also get a glass of bubbly and limoncillo! How cool is that?

Dinner served on Via Bariloche

Dinner served on Via Bariloche

Malbec served with Dinner

Malbec served with Dinner











A good breakfast and 8 hours later we reached Buenos Aires.

Breakfast served on Via Bariloche

Breakfast served on Via Bariloche

The travel, after all didn’t seem that bad!

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