Ubud, a small town in Bali better known as the place where the movie Eat,Pray,Love was shot. Julia Roberts plays the character of Elizabeth Gilbert who embarks on a journey to Italy where she eats heartily and then to India and Indonesia on a spiritual quest.

Julia Roberts in Eat,Pray, Love. Source:http://cdn.sheknows.com/

Julia Roberts in Eat,Pray, Love Source

Ubud looks like paradise in the movie, with rich green paddy fields and rustic south east Asian architecture. However what you’ve seen in the movie is far from reality.

Ubud is still a small town with big city traffic! Riding from Kuta to the outskirts of Ubud was a breeze. However, on entering Ubud town it took us close to two hours to cover a 100 meter stretch! And we were on scooters, I could see the agony on the faces of people who were driving cars! All we could do was WAIT in traffic, PRAY that it cleared and MOVE once it did!

Traffic jam in Ubud. Source

Traffic jam in Ubud. Source

That being said, there is a simple hack to this – just arrive early in the morning or in the evening post 6:00pm and you’ll be able to save your precious travel time.

With all the commercialisation, Ubud is still a pretty town and there are plenty of interesting things to see and do. I’d definitely recommend two days in Ubud if your visit Bali.


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