5 Cool things to do in Zagreb

The capital of Croatia is a little away from the gorgeous Mediterranean coast of the country. The northern capital however, can be visited all year long and has plenty of things to do. Here are five cool things that should be on your checklist of to do’s in Zagreb:

  1. Wakeboard in Jarun Lake

It’s a great place for both beginners and experts to wakeboard. And the water is really flat, warm and super clean if you’re worried about falling.

  1. Visit the museum of broken relationships

This is a quirky museum located in the upper town. The museum has artefacts that tell you interesting stories about broken relationships. Also, if you’re the kind of traveller who’s repelled by mass produced souvenirs, this is where you should get your offbeat souvenir.

  1. Chill at the Swanky Monkey Garden

Located in The Swanky Mint Hostel, the great thing about this bar is that there is a good mix of locals and visitors. The way the garden is done up lends a vibrant charm to the place. In short – great ambience, cheap booze and friendly people

  1. Have a strukli at La Struk

The traditional Croatian dish, strukli is the only item on the menu here. There are both savoury and sweet variations of the cheesy, gooey deliciousness.

  1. Swim in the Jarun Lake

Jarun lake area has plenty of cool bars and nightclubs. It also has one of the best hangover cure, which is clean refreshing waters to swim in.

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