Souvenirs that the British brought back

The English have been around the world setting up colonies and when they came back home, like most devout travellers, they brought back souvenirs! Apart from colonisation, the Brits also travelled extensively for trade/business etc. more often than not coming back with goodies that you and I are not allowed to buy.

These are some of the top picks from Britain’s collection, you don’t want to miss these when you’re in London.

Rosetta Stone – British Museum

A 2,200-year-old stone tablet from Egypt that holds the key to translating ancient hieroglyphs


Mummies – British Museum

Stealing the show at the British Museum are embalmed bodies brought from Egypt.


Kohinoor Diamond – Tower of London



One of the largest diamonds in the world, the 105-carat diamond has been set in the Queen Mother’s crown 


Tipoo’s Tiger – V&A museum

This toy was created for Tipu Sultan who was the then ruler of a South Indian Kingdom. The British troops found this and sent it to England when they sieged the Kingdom and killed the ruler.  


Elgin Marbles – British Museum

The priceless relics were a part of the Temple of Parthenon in Greece, one of the world’s greatest cultural monuments.


The Cursed Amethyst – Natural History Museum

We’ve heard of souvenirs that bring good luck but this cursed stone from India brings bad luck to people who own it! Wonder why they brought it back?

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